Should I click on that?

Probably not.  But maybe.  We know:  That wasn’t helpful.  Let us offer something that is.

When you ask yourself the question, Should I click on that? you’ve posed a question of trust.  How much do I trust this website?  Or, to put a spin on it, How much do I trust myself to determine if this website is safe? 

For instance, say you receive an amazing alert that you might have won some incredible amount of money.  You just need to follow a link to find out.  Well, there is an add-on for browsers that tells you if clicking that link is a bad idea.  And, if the link you already clicked on (Oops!) has taken you to a bad site.  

Web of Trust is the name of the add-on, and it’s available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. It installs on the top right corner of your browser, in the shape of a ring buoy. If it lights green, the website you are on is safe – this is the case for sites like,, or When the ring buoy is yellow, the website is of a dubious nature, and you should be careful of what they have to say. If the ring buoy is red, the website was made with malicious intent, and you shouldn’t be there. (Unless, of course, you have malicious intent against the website, too.) If the ring buoy is white, Web of Trust doesn’t have information on the site. The internet is a vast web of millions of pages, and they need time to assess the credibility of the many pages that go live every day.

Rest assured whenever a new pop-up comes up and claims you found the one page on the internet that gives you a right to claim some sort of prize, Web of Trust will help you to determine how to proceed. So, here’s to good luck and letting that incredible amount of money you might have won be greeted by a buoy lit green.

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