Your remote workers don’t interrupt you often enough.

You’re standing by the water cooler when a team member says, “Let me ask you a question.”  You measure the team member’s body language.  The team member’s rigid posture tells you this won’t be an easy question.  You reply, “Sure – would you prefer to have the conversation in a place a little more private?”

You’re familiar with what happens next:  the team members gets a resolution to their problem, receives advice on what to do next, or you find out something valuable you didn’t know before.  This is what collaboration looks like on a daily basis and its born of a combination of proximity, availability, and social cues.

It’s also the kind of scenario lacking in decentralized, work-from-home style businesses.  That’s a big deal, because study after study finds that people produce not only more ideas but better ideas when face-to-face interactions increase.  This becomes an even greater problem when coupled with the reality that people go out of their way to make their day fit social connections.  And we all know the strongest social connections are built on face-to-face interactions.

As Sherwood Chamberlain and our clients have grown, we’ve increasingly felt pressure to address this problem.  How can we maintain the flow of ideas, the intellectual capital, and the personal touch that we and our clients have built our brands on?

The need for increased face-to-face interactions while overcoming geographic obstacles lead us predictably to video conferencing.  We knew that video conferencing the past 10 years had been a joke, and we didn’t want to be the punchline.  What we needed, then, was video collaboration:  the simplicity of a phone call but with faces.  What we also needed was a service that wouldn’t misuse our company data and worked across all devices (Bye, FaceTime!).

Welcome Highfive.

Highfive is everything folks have dreamed video conferencing would be.  It’s truly video collaboration, delivered.  Highfive allows us to start a call in just a few button presses (just like a phone call).  It’s easy to have another person join a call or share their screen, whether from a phone, tablet, or in a conference room.  The quality is crisp and works in areas with less than stellar signal or internet speeds.  And, of course, it integrates with Slack.

We believe in Highfive so much that we’ve become a partner.  Our promise of transparency remains.  As a Highfive partner we receive certain perks.  These perks are openly discussed and passed along to our clients.

If your remote workers aren’t interrupting you to bounce ideas around or you’re unable to see their body language, then you aren’t creating the best ideas.  In this day and age, the success of your business is determined by the speed and frequency at which you collaborate.  If you’re a business struggling to maintain the personal touch with your geographically diverse teams and clients, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We welcome a conversation about how we can help.

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