Vague goals don’t protect you

Your goal must be clear if you want the right help. You can be ‘healthy’ with the help of a nutritionist, Yogi, psychologist, or surgeon. More often than not, when I meet a potential client for the first time, their goal is vague – “more security” or “I just want it to work” – and they would like a quote for the solution.

I get it. For most people, sales is an opportunity to upsell or justify a markup. As a technology partner, the sales process is the core of the product. We are judged by our ability to clarify the goal and┬ádevelop a custom solution. If you’re sitting in a meeting looking for a technology partner, this is the product demo.

Youmust be willing to try the product (share information, get into an argument). Otherwise, you’ll find yourself on the operating room table when what you wanted was the couch.

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