Your client’s expectations shift thanks to IKEA

You can now showroom-style browse IKEA’s furniture selection from the comfort of your own home on your latest smartphone.  The app automatically scales the furniture to fit your room with 98% accuracy, sufficient detail to see texture, and automatically adjusts shading to accommodate lighting.

The move is significant for a lot of reasons.  It will impact future online sales and retail space, surely, but it is most significant because the app sets expectations.  Your clients now expect an extremely high level of confidence in a product before they buy and they expect they can have that confidence in the palm of their hand.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of architecture, interior design, and construction.  If it wasn’t on your radar for this year, IKEA’s move may make you reconsider.

Luckily, AR is still relatively new and is only now beginning to have an impact in manufacturing, engineering, and construction.  Your business can take advantage of IKEA’s move if you act quickly.

IKEA’s app pushes forward the adoption of the technology by bringing AR into our personal lives as consumers and users.  It creates familiarity, sets expectations, and establishes a firm competitive advantage for the company.  Your advantage is that the technology is readily available and friendly.  Smartphones are already in everyone’s pocket and training is almost non-existent.  No additional cables, peripherals, or futuristic helmets – everything comes standard with the latest iPhone or Android.  It’s an ultra low-cost way to lead your field.

The simplicity of integration into your business means a quick and successful adoption.  As the technology continues to mature, your business will be poised to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs.  Now is when augmented reality can yield the greatest return for your business and is, thus, the perfect time to invest to transform your business.

Should you have any questions about AR in your business or how to use technology to free up your team to do work that matters, Sherwood Chamberlain is here to help.  Leave a comment, send us an email at or contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.

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