Everyone Loves Easy – Why Macs Rule and Fail Your Business

The most common refrain of any user of technology is that a technology should be easy to use.  This is true whether you are the owner of a business, a user on the factory floor, or the IT professional responsible for making technology work.  Everyone – everyone – loves easy.

So, if everyone loves easy, why isn’t technology easy?

“Technology is easy! That’s why I use a Mac.”

Which is a great response.  Macs are super easy.  So, why doesn’t everyone own and use a Mac?

While there may be many answers, I believe the most relevant is that “easy” is defined by context.  The more you define the problem, the more a product or solution can be tailored to those experiences.

Macs do a tremendous job of handling the bulk of what a daily computer user does, but it doesn’t do well outside of that box.

This is about the point in the conversations where most people introduce Microsoft and the whole thing becomes an Apple versus Microsoft showdown.  That isn’t the point of this piece (that’s the point of the Comments section).

Apple versus Microsoft – Not so fast

The bigger picture is that Apple has always prioritized their end user, the person who wants to do some fun stuff at home seamlessly.  Microsoft has always prioritized their end user, the business.  Microsoft makes products that satisfy business needs, not the person and not the person who makes the technology work.

That’s why everyone and every business doesn’t use MacOS.  And that’s why technology isn’t easy.  There comes a time where the context, the problems, of technology aren’t framed around the person, but the business.  Microsoft makes it easy for businesses to audit, manage, and secure devices the world round.  Those things are appealing to businesses, because everyone loves easy.

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