Customer Service and IT

By now you’ve realized that you have no choice about hiring an IT company. You have no choice about having computers, about having them networked. You probably also have no choice except to have a server. Your computers are connected to the Internet, so you have to have security. You have enough computers that someone’s cousin isn’t going to be able to take care of them all, and they’re complicated enough that he or she couldn’t do it if they wanted to.

How do you pick your IT company? Which one is the best choice for you?

Price matters, but as your company grows you’ll notice that what you pay for your IT services is small compared with the productivity boost they offer. Well-run computers neither harm your business through security vulnerabilities, nor get in the way of your employees doing the jobs that make you your money. IT companies charge different fees because you’re buying a difference in expertise, response time, staffing – but mainly you are buying a difference in customer service.

Customer service is crucial, because customer service is how you are given information about your computers and your network that allows you to choose how to make them better. Your computers are some of the most valuable investments that you can make. A well-run computer network gives you a far greater return than almost any other investment you can make, and your IT company knows what are the next steps toward an even more productive computer network investment.

Does your IT company communicate that potential improvement with you? Do they sit down with you and lay out what your options are: investing in faster computers, increasing your level of security, improving home access for your employees, restructuring your information so that everybody involved in a project accesses all of that project information? This is customer service.

Customer service is something you pay for in an IT company. If you’re saving money on an IT company, one of the first things that you are saving money on is customer service. That’s because it’s a lot cheaper, and a lot more profitable, for an IT company to have remote techs sitting at computers in an office connecting into your network and resolving those problems that can be resolved remotely. Sending a person to your office is expensive: imagine sending one of your key employees out for hours at a time several times a day – you get the idea.

If your IT company doesn’t have a person coming into your office regularly, to maintain contact with your employees and ensure that issues are resolved as soon as they come up, or even better, issues are foreseen and addressed before they become problems, then you are losing productivity. You’re not giving your IT company an incentive to help you grow your computer system and make it more productive. That conversation, every few months, or perhaps twice a year, in which your IT company suggests changes to your computers or to your network, or introduction of a new system of of software, is a conversation you want. On the other side of that conversation are increases in productivity for your company that reward your investment.

If you’re not having that conversation with your IT company regularly, ask us how you can improve your network. See what it can be like to partner with your IT company and increase your productivity!

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