Two Internet Providers

Computers are at the core of how your business makes its money. That’s been true for decades, but in the last ten years the Internet has moved from useful through essential to critical. Invoices, communications, and new orders are moving through your Internet connection. When your Internet connection goes down, so does your business.

Even a modest-sized business can benefit from two Internet providers. The expense of an Internet connection has dropped to where each provider might cost $150 a month. While this expense is not trivial, it’s small compared with the money you make by having the Internet running. So the questions are:

-How often does your Internet provider drop service during the hours when you’re trying to do business?

-How long does your Internet provider leave the service down?

-And how much does it cost you?

-How many employees are doing nothing productive?

The first ten or fifteen minutes they go for a cup of coffee, they review some notes, but after that they are not producing. You’re giving them a paid vacation until your Internet service comes back on. How soon has this cost you more than the $ 2,000 a year that you can save by not having a second Internet provider?

Just like you’ll have a duplicated server, a backup and then a cloud backup, a spare computer, so also you should consider a second Internet provider. The money that you spend on that second Internet provider won’t be wasted. If both of your Internet providers are up and running you’ll be getting the bandwidth from both of them into your network. You’ll be downloading twice as fast. While this may not be crucial to your business, it will be a productivity and speed increase that could pay for the second Internet provider.

But you should have two Internet providers so that, when one of your Internet providers drops, all that happens to you network is that documents and connections are a little slower. You won’t be out of business, you’ll just be slower.

If you have experienced frustration and lost money because your Internet provider has dropped service in the past months for ten minutes or a half hour or two hours, contact us. We’ll set up your network so that it constantly draws from two separate Internet providers, and so that you can automatically and seamlessly continue to make money when one of them drops service.Speedometer-Icon

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