Data Encryption

Should you use encryption? Yes you should – and you already do.

Most web traffic is already encrypted. Many websites, including those that process payments, encrypt their data when it is transmitted. This is good, but the website itself knows the data. Your data, and that of your customers and clients, is available to the website and therefore available to any malicious intruder with access to that website.

You should also use encryption within your network, if you enable it. Your data storage (your server, your cloud storage) as well as your data transmission to your storages can be encrypted. In some cases, such as medical offices subject to HIPAA, this is required by law.

When you are dealing with sensitive customer or client information, which is almost always, you may also choose to put in place encrypted transmission such as encrypted email. This is superior to relying on encryption used in transmission on the web because only you and the recipient can decrypt, that is read, the information.

Will encryption completely stop an intruder or a data thief? No. But in some cases it will, for example when a drive is stolen without the computer it’s resident on, and in other cases it will slow the attacker down – reduce but not eliminate their access to your data.

Ask us how to implement and increase encryption in your data transmissions and within your network. In most cases it is invisible to your operation and will not slow down your employees – encryption is an effective incremental security measure you should be taking.


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