Good Enough Security Isn’t Good Enough

Many offices put in place a modem and a firewall that connect to the internet, a switch in a network room to connect all of their computers, and then they are done. This setup works for some time, but it is not the best use of their computers.

This set up doesn’t offer the best protection against intrusion. The illusion is that if it is working, it’s about as good as it needs to be. A ransomware attack, a virus, data theft, anyone of these will demonstrate that you cannot measure good enough by what hasn’t happened on any particular day. You have to measure what is good enough by what is prevented from happening, and by this measure your simple firewall is probably not sufficient.

You need your computers updated and running an aggressive antivirus. You need your employees’ computers blocking any program that isn’t one that you have approved and that they’re supposed to be using. You need your employees not surfing virus filled sites. Because when their computer, and possibly the entire network, is infected by some crazy virus, they stop working but you do not stop paying them.

You can save money on an IT company. Maybe this money will make up for your losses when trouble strikes.

Because trouble will strike. Your computers are so central to your office that you can’t afford any down time in your computers. But downtime is what you will get.

Picture your office when your network has gone down and you can no longer work. Your entire office is working from the their cellular data connections, all of your computers have been infected, and the loss of productivity is equal to several years of our IT company bills.

Measure the value of your IT company not by what you spend on them, but by what you are not spending on network failures, viruses, and ransomware attacks. If you want this kind of protection, this kind of peace of mind, and this productivity insurance, call us.

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