If you don’t entirely understand what the cloud can do for your company, you’re not alone.

The idea that not only your data, but even the computer power that handles that data, is on a remote machine offers opportunities, and comes with some limitations.

When accessing data on the cloud, your program runs locally on data on the cloud. This means that your internet connection is tested by the size of the data (and will have trouble with large documents such as very detailed images and long videos).

When your processing power is on the cloud, the program that uses your data to produce the results that your company makes money on is remote, and your local computer (or cell phone or tablet) is streaming the work being done remotely. This can be a major upgrade, because it allows powerful computers to operate only when needed, and that power can be operated from your pocket.

Both data in the cloud, and the processing power that can handle that data, allow access by anyone, anywhere. This means that you can work on your colleague’s documents in an airport or review testimony in a courthouse, which can be great.

Two concerns that you should understand and discuss with us are whether you can rely on the connection speed that your data, and perhaps also the processing done on that data, require; and whether your company can give cloud data the security attention that it requires.

Contact us for a review of your options and a step-by-step plan to take your company safely and seamlessly into the cloud.