Choose from one of four plans, become a partner, and get the service you need to achieve the next level.

Sherwood Chamberlain is dedicated to our clients and focuses on long-term partnerships.  Our plans reflect a dedication from our clients to improve their productivity over time.  We have optimized our plans to deliver the highest quality of service.  Plans are designed as-is, with assessment and documentation of your environment included in all plans.

We perform a limited number of small projects annually for potential new clients.  These clients should review the Starter Care Package.  The Starter Care Package allows both the potential client and us to decide if we are the right fit for one another.

Starter Care Package

The Starter Care Package is designed for new clients.  The package includes a site survey, basic documentation of the environment, and time enough to fix one of two nagging issues.  It’s an ideal way to get comfortable with one another before proceeding to an increased level of engagement.  Projects fees are protected by defined-solution credits, ensuring we will not invoice more than the amount agreed no matter the time commitment on our part. Retainer fee of $1,000; 10 credits.

Core Care Package

The Core Care Package is best for small businesses and firms of 3-10 team members.  It ensures your backups are running smoothly through auditing and testing, updates key systems, performs an advanced site survey, and creates documentation for primary systems.  An Account Manager is assigned to you business to track growth and projects in our relationship manager.  Most firms have sufficient retainer credits to perform a small project or remedy several minor issues every quarter in addition to the regularly scheduled items.  Retainer fee of $5,000; 50 credits.

Plus Care Package

The Plus Care Package is the first major step in making technology profitable with technology.  Businesses of 10+ users tend to gravitate to this plan because it offers unlimited remote and on-site support.  In addition to monitoring your systems, we schedule a representative to visit weekly.  The representative is responsible for as-needed informal training, resolving pending issues, gathering information about day-to-day practices, and reviewing best practices.  Additionally, software updates, new-user creation, and the like are provided by this package.  Projects are invoiced separately.  Monthly per workstation cost of $179.

CIO Care Package

The CIO Care Package completes your transition to full-fledged client.  Business 25+ enjoy the full benefits of this package when Sherwood Chamberlain becomes an integrated outsourced technology department.  In addition to unlimited service and daily onsite visits, you gain access to 120 hours of design and engineering services as well as quarterly workshops and annual disaster recovery projects.  There is no limit to the growth of this plan, but a minimum number of workstations is required.  Additional project hours are invoiced separately.  Monthly per workstation cost of $349.