You represent the business. A mediocre output is a reflection of your valuation of the business. When you work hard, when you produce, when you exceed expectations, it’s because you believe in what you do.

No matter how independent, we all rely on others to deliver a service, to ship a product, to excel in our field. Sherwood Chamberlain understands this. We want to be a part of Great; we want to help create Greatness. Our vision is to connect, to multiply, to go beyond ourselves. To do that, we must go beyond technology – the means to connect and multiply – and learn about you, your business, and the people your business relies upon.  We designed our plans to reflect a high level of commitment.

When you become a client, we become partners in Greatness. The path to Greatness isn’t exactly smooth. In fact, it’s bumpy at times. People are infinitely more complex and messy than computer systems. People solutions are never as simple as a mouse click, but we know “please” and “thank you” go a long way. As partners in Greatness, you need to know we have your best interest in mind. Let’s make some promises to you.

We promise to create real value. Whether it’s one new computer or opening a location in another country, Sherwood Chamberlain wants to improve the business. Will this new computer generate revenue, increases productivity, or reduce risk? Can we deliver high-quality, superior service in this field? What can we do to improve on the existing design? When we’re not the right fit for a task, we get an expert involved who is.

We promise to be transparent. It’s one thing to get an expert involved, it’s another to speak plainly about it. You need to know what to expect. If we’ve hired an outside expert, will there be an additional charge? Who is responsible for the work done? Prices, payments, and assurances should be clear. If we make a mistake, you will know as soon as we do. If we need to make a correction, we promise to do everything we can to make it right.

We promise to act quickly. When you say something is an emergency, we believe you. If you need someone on-site, if you need an answer now, we’re prepared to do it now. The best time to learn if something will work is sooner rather than later. We excel at partial projects, test environments, and streamlining. Theoretical models only work in theory. Let’s put something into place today and stop guessing the results.

Sherwood Chamberlain makes these promises to our clients, because we know what it takes to be Great in the real world. There isn’t time in the rush of achievement to drag along an unwilling partner. You need a partner who moves at the speed of your business. Sherwood Chamberlain is ready to make business happen. If you’re still not convenience, our blog has great advice for businesses of all kinds.