Properly set expectations are the key to a healthy partnership. Our terms and conditions are detailed in plain language.

Service Commitment

Sherwood Chamberlain will use commercially reasonable efforts to make good on the terms set forth in the Care Package Agreement. In the event Sherwood Chamberlain does not meet the Service Commitment, you will be eligible to receive a Service Credit as described below.

Service Level Agreements are not Service Level Contracts. If you need even more specific terms, we ask that you discuss your exact needs with a Sherwood Chamberlain representative.


Workstation Replacement

Clients in good standing after 36 mos. are eligible for workstation replacements at no additional hardware cost. The workstations replace existing workstations by function. For example, a workstation used to browse the internet and update letters in Microsoft Word will not be replaced by a workstation of sufficient calibre to perform advanced graphical renderings. Workstation replacements may still be subject to service fees.

Remote Data Protection

Clients who have a business-level firewall are provided 4 TB of off-site data storage for the purposes of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. The copy of your data is not a backup; it is refreshed daily. It cannot be used to restore files from a month prior. It will keep your business operational in the event of theft, fire, or loss of access to your office.

Defined-Solution Credits (Retainer)

The Retainer fee purchases credits with Sherwood Chamberlain. These credits are valid up to a year from the purchase date. Credits represent roughly one hours’ worth of time. Before a project is begun, the project fee will be declared in terms of credits. While a project fee of 10 credits represents an expected 10 hours’ worth of labour, the fee will not increase or decrease as a result of the actual number of hours worked.

Uptime Guarantee

Clients are guaranteed that the average downtime per workstation does not exceed 44 hours per 12-mo. period from the start of the Agreement date. Additionally, network downtime shall not exceed 44 hours per 12-mo. period. These numbers are taken from industry averages. Downtime is considered any unscheduled period where the device or service is inaccessible. The guarantee does not include delivery of services from outside vendors invoiced independently of Sherwood Chamberlain. Some examples include, your phone provider, internet provider, Amazon Web Services.

If the Uptime Guarantee is breached, a Service Credit will be applied to the monthly invoice for the full amount of that month’s invoice less any additional fees related to projects, hardware, or software.

Emergency Escalations

Beginning with the Core Care Package, clients receive an Account Manager. The Account Manager is the point of contact for all escalations and emergencies. In the event that a procedure has failed or must be circumvented, we ask that you contact the Account Manager.

Sherwood Chamberlain takes emergencies seriously. An emergency is an event that demands we drop everything immediately or risk the integrity and health of the business. It demands that we get a solution now and discuss costs second. We ask that our clients use this same definition. If something is not an emergency, please use the appropriate channels of communication.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

In the event of a hurricane, Sherwood Chamberlain will go on-site to properly store technology devices. Clients must have an approved BCDR plan to be eligible for emergency tear-down and reconnect services at no additional cost.  Discover more about our dedication to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity here.

Licensing and Versions

All fees associated with licenses are to be paid by the client. Licenses must be kept up-to-date. Sherwood Chamberlain may refuse service on software or hardware that is inappropriately licensed.

Vendors maintain a list of supported software and hardware.  Sherwood Chamberlain, too, maintains a list of supported software and hardware.  Software and hardware that is no longer supported by either the vendor or Sherwood Chamberlain may be refused service. Any services rendered by Sherwood Chamberlain in such an event is best effort and no outcome can be guaranteed.

At-cost Purchases

Hardware and software purchased by Sherwood Chamberlain on behalf the client is at-cost. Original invoices are available upon request. Should a quoted price become cheaper due to a sale at the time of purchase, the difference is applied as a credit on the client’s monthly invoice.