It’s not always clear where to go next.  We think the next step is results.  If you agree, pick up the phone to talk details.  If you’re not quite ready for that, here are some suggestions.

We hope our web design has helped to guide you through the process of learning about Sherwood Chamberlain intuitively.  We believe before anyone can help you – whether it’s with technology, accounting, or personal fitness – you have to believe in that person.  We’ve tried to give you an idea of what we’re about by describing a world full of dreamers.  It’s a world of dreamers connected by technology, where dreamers actively leverage those connections to multiply and amplify their vision.

Click here for more results, less talking.

We want you to know that Sherwood Chamberlain can help you achieve more today than ever before. Perhaps more importantly, we have a singular focus to make that a reality. Day in and day out, our mission is to make your business more efficient by understanding who you are and where you’re going and to deliver technology to that end.  We build bridges with technology, but those bridges need to go somewhere; they must have purpose.  You provide that purpose.  We want to know what your goals are.

The Human Touch

By now, we hope you’re already calling us.  If not, we present a simple question:  Will a website ever tell you more about someone than a 5-minute phone call?  We don’t think it will.

Not that Next Step

Too much too soon?  You’re not on that Next Step.  Yes, you like what Sherwood Chamberlain represents.  You’d like to do business with us, but you’re just not sure.  We’re OK wit that, too.  If you haven’t already, we invite you to read over Our Promise to You and to consider our Plans and Pricing.  Take a moment to write down some questions, then pass along those questions to us.  We’ll be happy to answer them.

A little less commitment

No, I’m not on that Next Step either.  You just really like reading our website.  It’s fun, dreamy — it has an other-worldly, David Bowie quality to it.  It leaves you thinking, “Wow, I thought only Apple could make technology both practical and visionary?  I want more.”  Good news:  Our blog is rich in tips, tricks, and business-focused articles ready for your reading pleasure.