Do you waste 10, 20, 30 minutes or more searching for the answer to a technical question only to find yourself confused, frustrated, and distracted from your work? Are staff constantly being interrupted to ask or answer how to do something in a program?

Why traditional education fails

Traditional educational methods for technology fail for two reasons: 1) It isn’t specific. 2) It isn’t reinforced. Many of us have had an experience where a 4-hour, one-time workshop was scheduled to help us “improve our skills” with Microsoft Office. There the trainer reviews every menu, every feature, step by painstaking step with no breaks, no context, and no real world use cases. At the end, your head is spinning, every feature melds with the other, and you’re asked for a signature to say you learned something.

Practical education, daily

Education with Sherwood Chamberlain is purposeful, driven by use case, and reinforced daily. Education is the backbone of our service; it’s a necessary component for us to improve productivity, to deliver the benefits of technology, for your business to see results.

Train your staff with real world examples today.

What education looks like

Technology education starts by understanding your business. When an educator doesn’t know what needs to be accomplished specifically, educations shifts from training to a conversation about possibilities. This is fine in school, but bad for business. Your staff needs to produce. Our first priority with any new client is learning the business and documenting how things get done.

Every month thereafter, Sherwood Chamberlain performs a review of your environment. We ask at least one staff member of every job function what is they do, if there’s anything new they’re working on, and if they generally have computer questions we can answer on the spot. We report our findings back to our team to generate new trainings, update documentation, and create more efficient procedures.

When you or your staff contacts our Client Care team, we know what you’re asking — even when its the wrong question. We know because the questions are not abstract, but related to your business.  We know your business. To that end, our answers are succinct and point to the proper procedures.

Continue your education

We deliver daily education designed to help your business do more. We reclaim lost time from needless answer-searching, frustration when a result cannot be found, and distraction from your most important work. Take the first step to reinforced education that delivers results. If you’re not quite ready, we invite you to read our blog full of tips, tricks, and technology trends.