Accountants look after some of the most sensitive data a business has. They know what they see is for their eyes only and would never be irresponsible in sharing this information. Yet, many accountants don’t know how the technology they use works and whether it’s compliant with legal mandates.

Trusted Advisors

Clients come to an accounting firm because they seek someone who is trustworthy and responsible. They hand over sensitive information about their business to you and trust you will do what is right and best for their business. You do. You look over every record, connect every dot, cross every “T” and dot every “I”. You leave no stone unturned. You’ve done well for your client and your client is pleased. We are pleased.

Sherwood Chamberlain asks these questions: How do the technologies you use to deliver great service work? Are they secure, compliant, and can they be audited? If you were asked this question right now in front of your client, how would they respond to your answers?

These are questions that demand answers. As an expert in a field your client will never understand, they turned over responsibility to you. A trusted advisor can hardly be trusted when doubt has crept in. So, what is there to do about this?

Get a FREE compliance assessment.

The first step is to reach out to us to assess how your business uses software, hardware, and the internet to deliver service to your clients. The second step is to take a moment to consider this expectation extends far beyond an accounting firm and their clients.

Role Reversal

Sherwood Chamberlain is a concierge technology firm. When you reach out to us, we in turn are in the role of trusted advisor. Our service and dedication to you isn’t just about informing you of compliance issues or installing some software. Our service goes beyond serving as guide to you and your business through the mine field. We must also protect your business in other unexpected ways.

As a trusted advisor, you expect us to understand your business. When chaos looms in the form of tax season, we will be prepared for the extended support hours. We will have ensured the latest updates have been applied and the procedural documentation is updated. We will have spent time with the software vendors to confirm the proper licensing is in place. When a new, last-minute client calls to bring you on as his tax advisor, we will be ready to guide him through the technical requirements to bring you on board.

Get on board

We know Accounting is more than just numbers. We live it with our current clients. You have a vision and responsibility to your clients. Sherwood Chamberlain wants to help you achieve your vision. Deliver increased value to your clients by contacting us today. If you’re not quite ready, we understand and suggest your read our blog full of business-technology advice for visionaries like yourself.