Bids, change management, time-tracking, and historical reporting all have to be available in the field, at a moment’s notice, when you need it the most. Technology has shifted to meet these needs. Many construction companies have not.

It is tempting to say that construction companies that use technology grow. This is not true. Construction companies that use technology grow beyond what is possible without technology. There is no large construction company that can exist without technology, without staff trained adequately on that technology’s use, or without a reliable technology provider to help them daily. The reason is simple: They have more available capital. Technology in construction allows a company to place a larger number of more competitive bids for ever-bigger projects. If you want to be successful in the South Florida market, you need a quality technology provider like Sherwood Chamberlain.

Sherwood Chamberlain understands that your business isn’t just one office. The “office” is distrubed across multiple project sites. These projects sites spring up and are torn down as needed. While each site needs unique service, each site needs the same quality, timely response. This isn’t preference; it’s the way it has to be.

We integrate into your business process. We become a task in your project plan. When a bid is won, a ticket is opened on our end, and we assign an engineer to prepare the new site location. When a project has reached the final stage, another ticket is sent out for us to tear down the office. In between, we ensure a secure, point-to-point connection between your servers and your site so you can update your records without fear of loss of confidential information. In addition, we run performance tests to verify the site is operational and keep a set of spare technology equipment, in case of failure, to be implemented on your behalf.

Construction software decreases job costs roughly 3%. Those who utilize the software effectively, see a reduction in job costs between 5 – 15%. Sherwood Chamberlain works with your Project Managers to ensure the sofware is used effectively. Whether it’s dealing with slow connections, faulty equipment, or providing on-the-spot training, our focus is to properly log events. We want to streamline your workflow as much as possible, to help you grow.