An ethical business can only be built by ethical individuals.  Learn what principles have lead to our success, what you can expect from us, and what we look for in our partners.

Be Positive.  It’s easier to stay motivated through challenging tasks when we remember the benefit.  Exercise, for instance, is not so great when framed in terms of not dying early.  Exercise is pretty great when framed in terms of its benefit:  climbing the steps of Machu Picchu, playing with your children, or being more productive at work.

Create real value.  Doctors swear an oath to do no harm and so do we, albeit positively.  Every treatment carries risk and one size does not fit all.  We want to be certain that whatever actions we take, its what’s best for all parties involved.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Each of us is a trusted advisor to another – to our friends, family, colleagues, and clients.  We rely on others and they rely on us.  It is our responsibility to speak plainly and follow through with what we say, especially when it’s seems inconvenient, difficult, or we have trouble finding the right words.

Do or do not.  There is no try.  Before you begin an endeavour, it’s best to define what success looks like.  It’s said mile 21 of a marathon is not the time to ask whether all the pain is worth it. There are benefits and downsides to most things and we can become blinded by one or the other momentarily.  Think critically about the process, then commit fully to the plan.

Done is better than perfect.  Marcus Aurelius wrote, “That which is useful is the better.”  We work on outcomes, deliverables, and results.  The most surefire way to achieve success is to put in place the next step.  Less talking, more doing.

Data-driven opinions.  We have more tools for gathering information than ever before.  Even so, we can’t research every topic.  In those cases, we often rely on our intuition.  When something just feels right, take a moment to ask why.  Being able to articulate your feelings builds trust, cohesion, and helps improve other’s intuition.